The Grand Ole Order of the 48th Assault Helicopter Company and Their Successors, A Co/3-158 AVN

APO San Francisco; APO, AE



16 May 2008

Orders: 00048


Period: July 2 through July 6, 2008

Report To: Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio, Texas

Attached To: NA (unless too much CL-VI is consumed)


Purpose: The Grand Ole Order of the 48th Assault Helicopter Company and their successors, A Co/3-158 AVN will hold muster formation at the designated TOC in the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas between the hours of 1300 and 1700 on July 4, 2008.


Additional Instructions: Failure to comply with this order means the rest of us will make fun of you in your absence and tell war stories of how we saved you’re a-- during a brawl in a Nha Trang bar and how you will be forever grateful.  Any soldier able to pass the APFT and meet height and weight standards upon reporting will pick up the bar tab.  Commuting distance is within CONUS so no waivers will be granted.  Flight pay is authorized but no funding is available.


This is a CL-I and CL-VI training exercise: All members will show up with empty stomachs, operationally sound livers and with reasonable brain function.  Alcohol consumption will not be required for those picking up the bar tab.  Those with recent organ transplants are urged to consume in moderation and provide the rest of us with all the gory surgical details. All those missing or unaccounted for will become “Cheap Entertainment” for those who make the formation.


Spouses and uniforms are optional, significant others are also allowed as long as they bring at lease two friends, of the female persuasion, for the IG and Ops officer to inspect.  Mistresses are a “no-no” and any soldier caught with a mistress or a significant other, other than his/her own, will be relieved of their toys by the Ops officer.  For those of you into same sex activities, the 48th’s official policy is “We won’t ask, but if you want to tell, that’s OK.”  The IG and the Ops officer reserve the right to start vicious rumors about anyone and everyone in attendance that they deem to be of particular or peculiar interest.  They will also hear complaints and take requests form any unit member.  However, members with “units” in trouble are on their own unless the Flight Surgeon attends this function.  In that case, the appropriate antibiotic, supplied by a Mexican pharmacy, will be administered in the TOC while the rest of us take notes and pictures.  Anyone caught demonstrating “How Aviators Pull Up Their Socks” will be required to perform 2 laps around the parking lot wearing nothing but a belt buckle and two postage stamps, unless said individual is so well endowed as to make this impractical.  In that event, he will be allowed one additional clothing item – one cushion sole Army-green boot sock appropriately applied.  All 06’s in attendance will be authorized two each cushioned sole socks (whether they need them or not).


Upon successful completion of the mission, you will be released to the custody of your spouses or significant others.  Travel to and from your HOR is authorized but not reimbursable. Funding for bail bonds is authorized but funds have been diverted to the CL-VI activities.


Now the Rest of the Story…….

Here we are again; mid May and the annual reunion approaching at warp speed.  I’d like to say I was clever enough to compose the above little spiel, but I have to give credit to Bill Bridges for sending me something similar years ago.  As noted above, San Antonio will be the scene of the crime this year.  The gathering will start on July 2nd and continue until we all cry uncle on July 6th.  The HQ hotel will be the Marriott Rivercenter located adjacent to the famous San Antonio River Walk.  In addition to the great entertainment opportunities that are offered along the River Walk, you’ll get the chance to meet old friends and maybe even see someone for the first time in 35 or 40 years. 


As in the past, we have used the annual reunion of the VHPA to facilitate the Blue Star reunion.  This has provided us with several advantages, the least of which being that with such a large number of reunion attendees, we benefit from some great negotiated hotel prices at 1st class hotels.  The VHPA also provides us with our reunion facility and amenities at no cost to us.  But I think the greatest benefit is the electric atmosphere it generates.  We have the opportunity to gather with warriors who shared the same experiences as we did, and believe me, it does generate an atmosphere that you must experience to appreciate.  As many of us know, the VHPA stands for the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.  Membership in the VHPA is limited to those who served in RVN as a helicopter pilot. Over the years, I have seen the participation of more and more crew members in the various reunion activities.  The Blue Stars have historically enjoyed one of the largest unit gatherings of the VHPA reunion, pilots and crew members.  So many units expressed wonderment at the numbers who attend our reunion that they are imitating us in their efforts. I guess the greatest source of flattery is imitation.  Without your support and attendance, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  This gathering is for everyone, VHPA aside.  As far as we’re concerned, there is no distinction between a pilot and a crew member.  We are all Blue Stars and that’s what it’s about, the Blue Stars - PERIOD!


And the Activities…..

Once again we’re attempting to set up a TOC; a central meeting place where we can gather, sit back and relax, chew the fat while enjoying the CL-VI activities.  This year the rates for a TOC facility are about the same as last year.  The Marriott has made available 3 types of rooms that can be utilized as a TOC.  The price to us ranges from $350 to $575 per night.  This is a great discount from the regular rack rates of $865 to $1500 for the same room.  Last year’s TOC was a great space and well suited to our needs – even had a bar in it!  I am currently working on getting some more information to determine which one would best be suited for our needs this year.  As many of us know, we can get a pretty good crowd going and we want to make sure we can accommodate everyone.  As in the past, we count on you to contribute to the TOC fund to cover our expenses.  Once again, I’m asking for your support and appreciate any contribution you can send to help out.  Our TOC remains free to everyone and is only supported by your contributions.  Help us make it a success once again.  The location of the TOC will be posted in the VHPA registration area.  The VHPA reunion event runs from July 2nd through July 6th (the 5th is banquet night).  Accordingly, our TOC will be open for the same period, with the exception 1300 to 1700 on July 4th – during our “formal” get- together.


Again, this year we are going to rely on the generosity of those attending to bring a case or two of beer, some wine, soft drinks, etc. to donate to the TOC.  Additionally, we’ll put a “donation” jar for drinks for say $1 a beer, to help ensure we don’t lose our shirts and to build a war chest for future reunion activities. Remember, any funds raised above our expenses will remain in our Association Treasury and will be used in future reunion activities.  If you cannot attend this year’s festivities, but wish to make a contribution or if you are attending and would like to send your contribution now, you can send your contribution to:

            Bobby Schulze

            PO Box 142

            Baileytown, AL 35019-0142


Please be sure to indicate on your check that it is for the “TOC contribution”.


Our “formal” get together is scheduled for July 4th from 1300 to 1700 (and beyond).  The location of this event will also be posted in the VHPA registration area.  As always, it doesn’t cost a cent to attend our reunion.  Our reunion is independent of the VHPA activities.  As I’ve said, they provide us with the reunion facilities at no cost.  We will also have a slide projector & screen available along with a TV/VCR combo. If you have slides, movies, or VHS tapes you’d like to share, please bring them. 


Other Reunion Events…..

The VHPA has scaled down the number of planned reunion events this year.  If you are interested, these events can be viewed on the VHPA website at and click on Reunion Information.  In order to attend any of these events, you must register with the VHPA, pay the registration fee and pay for the event ticket.  If you are not a VHPA member, you must be sponsored by a VHPA member to do this.  We have many Blue Star’s who are willing to sponsor you if you need a sponsor.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to attend any other event and need a sponsor.


An Important Point…..

Not to be confused with the above comment about “VHPA registration”; our (the 48th’s) reunion activities are FREE, no dinero required.  If you WANT to participate in a VHPA sponsored activity, you have to register.  Otherwise, you don’t, and many folks don’t.  You still have full access to the HQ hotel, our TOC, the VHPA vendor area and anything that is not a “ticketed” event.  The exception to this is the banquet on July 5th. More on that below.



Another significant major event of our reunion is the banquet.  This year the banquet will be held on July 5th.  The banquet is the largest event of the VHPA reunion. You can typically expect over 2,000 attendees.  The food is usually pretty good for banquet food and the entertainment is terrific. The VHPA has recognized that many folks would like to attend the banquet but didn’t feel that it should be necessary to register and pay the registration fee to do so.  Once again this year you can purchase a ticket for the banquet without having to register or pay the registration fee.  This year a banquet ticket for a non-registered guest is once again $95.  You may be able to purchase a banquet ticket at the reunion but I strongly suggest that you purchase one now.  Again, please contact me for further information if you wish to attend the banquet.  We are working on ensuring that all who want to sit in a group as the Blue Stars will be able to do so.  We hope to get enough tables set aside for us.



Visit us at  Once again, many thanks to Logan Weiler for keeping it up-to-date.  We have plenty of space and if you’d like to post some pictures, a story or something else, you can forward it to Logan through the link on the website. Our website is maintained by your Association.


Our website also has a link to subscribe to our Reflector List.  You have several options for receiving email when you join the list.  I know the volume of email can be overwhelming, but you can control the volume by receiving email as Daily Digest (1 email daily or 1 for every 25 individual emails posted).



Once again we will have a raffle this year to help raise funds for the Association.  The raffle will be held during the mini reunion.  If anyone would like to donate an item or items for the raffle, please bring them with you to the mini reunion.  We desperately need raffle items!!!!  Again, the proceeds of the raffle go to support our reunion activities and our Association, so please support us by buying raffle tickets.


Blue Stars Once Again Deployed to the Mid East….

The current Blue Stars, 3-158 AVN, are once again deployed to the Middle East.  This will be their 4th deployment to the Middle East in the last 6 years.  Their current website is  They have sent us some photographs that are posted on our website. Stop by and take a look at the 2008 version of the “Battlin Bitch”.


Blue Star Aviation Association….

Our Association continues to grow and remain strong and solvent.  The efforts of many make this possible.  We will conduct our annual elections during our Association business meeting that will be held during our reunion.  Up for grabs will be the post of Junior Member-at-Large and Vice President.  I’m pleased to announce that John-Al was elected as Vice President last year and will be the incoming President.  If anyone is interested in running for office, please let me know ASAP. 


Many thanks to Logan Weiler, the outgoing Association President, for all of his hard work and support through the years.


If you aren’t a member of the Blue Star Aviation Association, please take the time to consider joining.  You’re supporting a worthy cause – the Blue Stars!  Please visit our website for an application.  It’s only $25 a year to support such a great group of guys! …..And, if you’re already a member, it’s time to send your annual dues in.  Please remit them to Bobby Schulze (PO Box 142, Baileytown, AL 35019-0142) ASAP.  Please mark your check “Annual Dues”).


Fall Reunion Being Planned in Gettysburg, PA…..

A fall reunion is being planned in Gettysburg, PA.  For those who can’t make it to San Antonio or those who can make both, plan to get together Thursday, October 30th through Sunday, November, 2nd.  The Downtown Battlefield Holiday Inn will be the HQ.  A trip to the Wall is being planned for Sunday, November 2nd.  This reunion effort is being headed by Tony Terrana and Cliff Whiting.  Anyone interested is urged to contact either. Contact info is:


Tony Terrana (H) 724-339-3543 (C) 724-448-0678  (E)

Cliff Whiting (C) 703-444-6640 (E)


Return to Vietnam….

We’re still working on the planned trip to Vietnam.  Based on your input during last year’s reunion, we’ve downsized the trip to approximately 2 weeks.  I hope to receive a preliminary itinerary soon and will post it on our website with the details.  I will also get another Newsletter out as soon as the information is available. Stay tuned for further details and start making plans now.  We’re looking at late summer or early fall of 2009.



Another Blue Star pulled pitch recently.  With great sadness we announce the passing of “Ernie” Terrell Peterman.  Ernie passed on March 23rd in Mountain Home, Idaho after a 2 year battle with brain tumors.  Ernie flew with the Jokers during Lam Son 719 and attended several reunions.  Several Blue Stars were able to attend Ernie’s services and photos have been posted on our website.  The Blue Star Association sent a floral arrangement to Ernie’s service and Debbie Peterman wanted to express her heartfelt thanks to all of Ernie’s “brothers” for their support during Ernie’s illness.  Thank you all.


In Closing….

Time marches on and will spare no man.  I know many of us keep putting off attending a reunion for one reason or another.  Whether it be because we were too busy with work, the reunion is too far away, the reunion city sucks, “I’ll wait until I’m retired and have more time”, “now that I’m retired, I can’t afford it” and the list goes on – as does time.  Please take time and consider renewing an old friendship.  Come to one of our reunions; whether it be in San Antonio or Gettysburg.  You really owe it to yourself to smell the roses.  While most of us were only together a short time, we all shared an experience that is unique to us and only us.  I have friends who I have known most of my life but do not feel as close to them as some friends that I only knew for a year.  Funny how it works that way, but, absolutely true.


Next year we’ll be gathering in Philly over the 4th of July.  It’s never too early to start planning!!!!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Remember, we depend on your generosity to keep out TOC going and our Association strong and healthy.


As Always,





Carl Cortez

Blue Star 237 and Joker 90

(H) 909-338-5935 (C) 562-305-8461 (E)


And a PostScript….

I promise that this will the last year of this boring Newsletter format.  I’m working on a new look and hope to get it going soon J.

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