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Rick Scruggs
Feb 1967 thru Feb 1968
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Phan Rang Feb 67, 48AHC 2d platoon hooch



Jokers at Tuy Hoa. Our Frog



"Miss B" in O'Club @ Ninh Hoa



Flyin' Coffin on the beach at Tuy Hoa for lunch, summer '67



Me preflighting a 2d Plt D model Feb/Mar '67



Kevin Bagley's Monkey, Phan Rang Mar 1967



Escort Duty Joker Guns....
The kids just got out of school, somewhere along the coast



Kevin Bagley in the 2d Plt hooch, Mar 1967, Phan Rang



Joker light fire team west of Ninh Hoa fall 1967



Me lighting the shower for hot water, Ninh Hoa fall '67.
Whoever was not flying that day lit the shower
(Joker Reg # 67-1)



1st Plt on Left, 2d Plt on right, Jokers landing in the middle. 
Big CCN North CA into a fairly secure area NE of Phu Bai, Fall 1967



Joker Hooch after Hurricane in Summer'67
I lost many slides



Spooky working Big Charlie, Ninh Hoa
(My Minolta SRT 101 was a great camera)



Mike Andress on L in front of the joker Bunker
Sadly, Mike was killed in an aircraft accident at Rucker in April 1969



Unknown LT (left) and our Flt Surgeon (right) at Hinh Hoa



The rocket sight on "Flyin' Coffin"



Big Combat Assault at Phu Bai west of the A Shah with CCN North
We got shot up pretty good that day .... no casualties



Joker 30, Lance Dickenson
Tragically accidentally shot through the leg
med evaced to conus ... Retired ... Still doing great



I had a low level Engine Failure West of Tuy Hoa in bad country
I managed to get the thing on the ground undamaged
The ROK's sent a company to secure the area
Then the Chinook came in, rigged the gunship and left.
Then the ROK's left as it was getting dark
Ove Larsen, Joker 29 was my wing man that day
When he got back from refueling
He asked who had picked up the crew....
Finally a Battalion slick came in and picked us up
True story!


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